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CrackerJacks are hypo-allergenic. So they contain no beef, no wheat, no gluten and no dairy products because those are the ingredients which cause most food allergies in dogs. We avoid those ingredients so your dog can avoid the allergies which could give him loose digestion and skin irritations. CrackerJacks contain no unhealthy additives nor any added artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sugars. We believe it?s wrong to give dogs treats full of chemicals and sugars which can be unhealthy, fattening and bad for your dog's teeth. We want your dog to enjoy CrackerJacks crunchy and fresh-cooked. So we wrap them in a resealable foil pack which keeps them really fresh, even after it's opened. When your dog's food is hypo-allergenic, make sure his treats are healthy and hypo-allergenic too. Your dog deserves treats which are made to the finest nutritional principles with no unhealthy additives. And that means CrackerJacks.

Wellbeloved Minijacks Lamb 90g

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