Feline Light Senior. Help your older cat stay healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside with Science Plan Feline Light Mature Adult/Senior 7+. It has everything an older cat needs to stay fit, strong and full of vitality with fewer calories and less fat. The Superior Antioxidant Formula promotes overall health and natural immunity, too. So your cat remains healthier for a lifetime. Key Benefits Science Plan Feline Light Mature Adult/Senior 7+ is specially formulated to meet the nutrient and energy needs of cats who are seven years or older. Balanced nutrition and great taste for older cats. Promotes a healthy skin and shiny coat. Kibble is easy for cats to chew. Controlled phosphorus formula to support healthy kidneys. Enhanced with fibre for gastrointestinal health. Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula is added to help keep the immune system healthy. This is particularly important for your older cat. Contains omega- 3 fatty acids to help senior cats maintain health during

Hills Science Plan Cat Adult Dry Mature Light 1.5kg