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We know that the needs of kittens are special and that these little fluff balls need a great deal of care as their bodies develop. That is why we have created Burgess Kitten rich in Chicken, an especially delicious food to nurture all kittens and growing cats.Burgess Kitten is also ideal for providing extra nutrients to pregnant cats in the last 3 – 4 weeks of pregnancy and whilst nursing. It also makes weaning easier as the kittens will naturally start to try their mother’s food.

Burgess Kitten rich in Chicken 1.5kg

    • High in protein for developing muscles
    • Fortified with calcium for your kitten’s growing bones and teeth
    • With taurine for all round health
    • Smaller nuggets specially created for smaller mouth and teeth
    • Balanced blend of vitamins and minerals for healthy development
    • Natural antioxidants (tocopherol) to support developing immune systems
    • Maize gluten which is a good protein source to balance meat amino acids
    • Prebiotics for healthy digestion
    • No added artificial colours or preservatives
  • What is your returns policy?

    As long as any goods you send back to us are in their original condition, we will refund your purchase within 14 days of receiving your package or proof that the order has been returned.

    How can I contact your couriers?

    Please call us on 01271 323003 with any queries relating to your order or delivery..

    What are your delivery options?

    We currently only offer a standard 2-3 day delivery service @ £3.95

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